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Medical Certificates

Request a medical certificate while you're resting at home, from $25

Computer screen showing a medical certificate

Is your sickness affecting your ability to work or study?

If you're too sick to work or study and need to stay at home and rest, our experienced GPs can provide you with a medical certificate, sent directly to your email. 

Need a medical certificate for 3 or more days? Simply book a telehealth consultation for a more in-depth consultation with our GPs wherever you are in New Zealand.

How it works


Select a medical certificate that suits yours needs.


Complete an online assessment and pay for the service.


Our Pocket Lab doctors will review your request and may call you to gather further information.


If accepted, your digital medical certificate will be sent to your email.

1 to 2 day Medical Certificate

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3 or more days Medical Certificate

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  • How do I request a lab test?
    Simply select the lab test you would like, choose the testing category the best fits your health needs, complete the online assessment and pay for the service. The doctors will proceed to complete the service the same day and will send an SMS when an electronic lab test request has been made for you. You will then able to proceed to your nearest lab testing centre where you can get the tests done. When your results return, our doctors will review these and email them to you with some helpful information to interpret your results.
  • How are tests taken?
    Blood tests are taken by venepuncture. This is when a needle is placed into a vein (usually in the arm or hand), and blood is drawn by a trained phlebotomist or nurse. This usually occurs over a matter of seconds, and is relatively painless. If you have a severe needle phobia, we suggest discussing options with your usual doctor before attending for blood withdrawal. Swabs and urine tests can often be completed by yourself in the privacy of a bathroom. Your local lab will give you instructions on how to perform these.
  • Where do I go to get my test done?
    We are not a laboratory testing or pathology service. We can facilitate lab test requests but are not responsible for the collection, processing or reporting of any tests. You can attend your local lab to complete your test. Smaller labs may operate at specific hours or days, or require bookings. You can contact them directly to find out.
  • I purchased multiple tests, can I do them all at once?
    Yes. If you have purchased multiple different tests before attending your local lab, you can have them all completed at the same time. You must ensure that you have received a confirmation SMS messages from Pocket Lab for EACH individual test you have purchased before you attend your local laboratory. Attending a lab before you receive confirmation for all purchased tests may result in you needing to return to a lab or have more than one blood test.
  • Does it cost to get my lab test?
    Most of our tests are free if you are a New Zealand citizen or are eligible for public funded healthcare in New Zealand. Those not eligible for public funded healthcare may experience additional charges that are incurred at the time of the test being taken, and are seperate charges to those incurred with Pocket Lab. Similarly, particular types of tests may occur additional charges which are paid at the time of your test being taken. Our website clearly indicates whether a test may have additional charges attached.
  • What is an electronic lab test request?
    An electronic lab test request or elab is a digital version of a paper lab test request form. They are more convenient, safe and secure than paper forms and are sent and received by a lab testing centre within minutes.
  • Do my results go to my regular doctor?
    When requesting your test you will be given the option of sending your results to your regular doctor if you have one and consent to it. Our Pocket Lab doctors will provide you with advice for any abnormal results and this may include getting a further assessment with your regular doctor.
  • What happens if my test result is abnormal?
    Our Pocket Lab doctors will provide you with advice and information for all results including abnormal test results.
  • What tests are available with Pocket Lab?
    Please view our range of currently available test requests here.
  • How long will it take to get my results?
    You will receive your results typically within 3 working days of the tests being performed.
  • Can I discuss my results with the Pocket Lab doctors?
    The doctors at Pocket Lab will review your results and provide you with written advice by email. If there are any abnormal results that our doctors determine need further assessment, they may advise you to see your regular doctor or, if appropriate, offer an assessment with our video consultation service, at an additional charge.
  • I haven't received my results yet, who do I contact?
    Your results will be sent directly to your email once a GP has reviewed these, usually within 3 working days from the day you had the test. You will receive a confirmation SMS once your results are available and have been emailed to you. Please double-check that your email address was correct and check your Junk / Spam email folders. If you are unable to locate your results and a confirmation SMS has been sent to you please contact our support team on (09) 8692444 or email us at

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